Note: Douglas James is a Professional Marketer. His results and the results of his customers are not typical and will vary per person, so we apologize in advance if you make too much money doing this.

Note: Douglas James is a Professional Marketer. His results and the results of his customers are not typical and will vary per person, so we apologize in advance if you make too much money doing this.

 Step 1: Press Play to Watch This Short Business Training Video . . .
 Step 1: Press Play to Watch This Short Business Training Video . . .
Pretty Cool Right?

Wanna talk with one of my coaches?

Wanna learn more?

Keep reading...

There's more,

A LOT more :)

Before I get into it,

I can only assume that,

You are here for more wealth,

and abundance right?

Maybe you want more money,

or to have more long term clients for your business.

Either way,

You're in the right place.


Cause this will allow you to:

- Live Free
- Be Happy
- Give to your Family
- Make an impact
- Feel fulfilled
- Do good for others
- Make Money legally
- Travel the world
- Feel good about what you do
- Help others in need
- Have anything you want

Sound about right?

I've helped so many amazing people,

That I had to create an exclusive group,

for people that are making,

wait for it...

At Least $10,000 a month.

Peep it below:
Crazy right!?

I helped Alan make over $440K in a year with this.


I'll get into what it is in just sec,

But dont get me wrong,

Im very much in the trenches as well,

doing this everyday,

not just teaching it,

But doing the work myself.

Here's a recent clip of our revenue in a month:
You read correctly,

Nearly $170K in 1 month,

That's in just 1 account,

does not include our Paypal or other checks we get,

but here's a couple of those for good measure:
How do we do it?


We provide a Real service,

That solves a Major Problem for Businesses.

And the cool part is,

There’s no Tech skills needed,

No marketing experience needed,

No sales experience required,

No out of pocket expenses,

Easy for a complete newbie.

On top of that,

It's Passive,




In high demand,

Can be done from anywhere in world,

And you can have clients from anywhere in the world.

Last year,

I was sitting on the beach in Hawaii,

Enjoying my Honeymoon,

Drinking Mai Tais,

And collecting money,

With only my phone,

And my laptop:

And when Im back home,

Im teaching and coaching people on how to do the same:
And earning cool awards for making millions of dollars online:
I say this not to brag,

But to show you what's possible,

and to give encouragement to the 1000s of people I'm coaching,

So they can also,

Live life on their own terms and get paid what they are truly worth.

Like this Guy I helped closed a $20K a month deal:
Or this Guy that made $7,500 his first month:
Or this one that upsold his current clients and made an extra $7K a month:
Here’s a $1000 check one of my students got:
Here’s former US Marine that landed a $4,000 a month client with in 30 days:
My students come from all walks of life and many different backgrounds,

Some are single parents,

Work full time jobs,

Are full time college students,

And most of them come to us with little to no experience in the online space.

Here's what some students have to say...

Click play on the video below:
"Cool, I Understand The Process, You Place Tiny Ads Online To Help Businesses Get Customers, Tell Me More About You Douglas..."
So glad you asked!

Stick with me and I’ll tell ya,

I didn’t always coach people on how to make money from scratch,

I once worked a full-time job,

I actually was in the US Navy,

Working 12 hour days,

Being told when to eat,

When to sleep,

When to S*it,

I basically had very little free time.

I missed out on Family events,

Didn't get to spend much time with my Family or Friends,

and was stuck working a Job,

that gave me opportunity, 

but I learned to dislike,

Simply cause I wasn't happy.

I racked up $30,000 in debt with drinking,


And living way beyond my means.

It wasn’t until I went on a deployment until my perspective changed,

You see,

I volunteered for a Humanitarian mission,

That mission brought us to various small islands in the Pacific,

On 1 island,

Papua New Guinea, 

We built hospitals,

They barely had cloths there,

But 1 other island really stood out,

The Philippines.

We visited a very poor part of the island.

The kids there didn’t have schools,

Didn’t have books,

Didn’t have a lot of what us Americans take for granted.

So, we built them schools,

Soccer fields,

And supplied them with school supplies,

Here's a pic of the site as we were building:
I remember on the last day,

A bunch of kids came up to me after it was all said and done,

I had boxes of books and crayons in my hands,

They looked up to me,

And just said,

"Thank You."
It was the single most emotional and impactful moment Ever.

So I took a pic so I can remember these kids and what we did.

I realized in that moment,

If you are willing to help others get what they want,

You can have all you want in life.

And all I want is be happy,

But I can’t do that being broke.

I needed to find a way to make money,

And make an impact,

Way more than any job,

or the Military could provide me.

So, I came back from the deployment and my Beautiful Wife,

Well, girlfriend at the time

Was waiting for me:
When I got back,

I realized I needed to make a change,

I needed to find something that would pay me even in my sleep.


I searched and searched and searched,

Just like you may be doing,

And I found Online Marketing.

At this point it was just a matter of connecting the dots.

I was a consumer,

I loved buying things,

Going to restaurants,



Even had a gym membership and visited my local Chiropractor for adjustments.

I started to look online and noticed,

That there's almost 30 million small businesses in the US alone:
and about 180 Million in the World.

I also learned that over 500,000 new businesses open every month,

Talk about plenty of leads and opportunity,


And the crazy thing I found out was that 90% of businesses go out of business within the first 2 years.

All the work for nothing right.


I asked myself a question.

For the businesses that survive,

what are they doing?

Then I thought to myself,

They must run ads.


The biggest and most popular burger joint in the world spent $1.5 Billion on advertising in 2017: 
That got me to thinking,

What if I was the guy that help businesses get more customers?

Was a great idea,

But How would I do it?

I knew 2 things,

I knew of online marketing,

And I knew thriving businesses used it,

and small businesses needed it.

So, I start paying attention,

Tony Robbins once said:
Think about this.

Ever rode in an Uber before?

Most people do,

Uber is the biggest transportation businesses in the world, 

And guess what,

They own ZERO taxis.

Crazy, right? 

All they do is use other people cars, And pay them for the rides.

They pretty much rent out other people’s property.

And are now worth $120 Billion:
When I made this realization,

A light bulb went off in my head.

I started thinking,

What if I did same thing,

What If I placed ads online,

The ads will generate leads which can turn into new customers,

And I’ll just rent them out to other businesses.


I found a secret I’ve been looking for all along.

I started doing this,

I started writing these simple ads on Facebook and Google,

People started clicking the ads,

Submitting their info,

And that info was routed to a business owner I was working with.

At first,

I had businesses on a $1,000 to $2,000 a month retainer,

Then I started working with Higher Ticket Clients like Dentists and Lawyers,

And they were willing to pay me $5,000 to even $10,000 a month!

After doing this for a couple Years,

Friends and Family members got wind,

I started getting in boxed like crazy,

“Doug, teach me what you know!”

“Doug, show me the way!”

“Douglas, let me pick your brain!”

I’m a very generous person at heart,


I would answer as many as 30 - 40 messages each morning.

But what I realized,

It was taking my time away from my family,

My work,

And my life.

I needed to get it back,


what I did is I started a Coaching Program.

Teaching was always something I favored.

If I can show someone something that can change their life,

That’s what I want to do,

So naturally that’s what I did.


I launched this program,

And it’s now helped 100s and 100s of people make a transformation.

Now I get to share my proven systems and processes with people that are ready for a change,

Ready to break free,

And ready to live life on their own terms.

It's so important to have a Coach,

and its important to invest in your self and learn,

The great Warren Buffet once said:

Makes sense right?

We all need a coach.

We all must keep learning and growing.

It's easier to follow in someone's footsteps that already carved the path.


I'll tell you a little about the Coaching Program,

It isn’t for everyone,

But if you’ve read up to this point,

I can tell you are someone that takes actions,

That knows there’s opportunity out there,

You aren’t just 100% sure what it is yet,


I’ll tell you,

This is it :) 

My Program is built around 3 main things:

1 - Accountability – making sure you’re doing intelligent action at all times.

2 - Cutting Edge Content – you can’t get this from an encyclopedia or from college. This works today I know because we are doing it.

3 - Lastly, this is meant to turn a dream into a reality – we only work with what works.

It's our Goal is to turn every student into a case study,

Here's some examples of their successes:
This Is What Happens When You Put In The Work...
You Might Be Thinking This...
1) Who are you exactly?

Just a regular dude creating Digital Landlords.

2) What’s that exactly?

A group of folks that want to quit the rat race and start a real business.

In other words,

We get paid to help small business get new customers.

3) How it different from MLM or Affiliate Marketing?

These are real skills that pays the bills.

My profit margins working with Local Businesses are at 100% VS. 50% or less marketing for others people's products.

4) How much can I make per client?


most will pay at least $1,000 a month and upwards $10K or more,

But the key here,

It’s a monthly retainer,

If you stack 20 small clients over 6 months at $1,000 each, You could be making $20K a month just like that.

5) What separates you from other programs like this?

Knowledge is power.

If you know something that others don’t, you can easily charge for your advice.

We are big on Education so when things come,

you know what to do and what to say.

Plus, you get the entire Franchise Models for over 50 different types of business niches that's already working along with a bunch of Copy and Paste content.

6) Is this a course?


not at all,

You can take a free course online,

And get little to no value,

This is a real business,

With real results,

So you can feel good and leave a real legacy.

8) Why are you offering this?

We are all in this for 1 common reason... For a Lifestyle. 

We help you, you help your clients, and everyone is happy.

9) I'm not a Techy, I don't know anything about local business marketing.

Perfect, that's why we are here for.

We take newbies and even advanced students and put them through our step by step system so they can build a 5 Figure a Month Business.

The best part is hearing our Case Studies.

Reminds us why we are doing this. Will be our next top earner?

Yes I Will!

10) I have full time job, not a lot of money to spare, what do I do?

If you want a side hustle or eventually quit your job, this is great for you.

Overhead cost is very low.

As far as time,

I built my business to 6 figures while serving my country.

If I can do, you surely can.

It’s about making it a priority.

I worked 12 hour days,

With additional duties.

I just committed an hour a day in the beginning,

And built it up.

11) If I schedule a call, come to the call, will someone try and Sell me?


There's nothing to buy on this call,

We just wanna help.

If you are a good fit, 

We'll make sure you have the tools and resources available to you.

12) What do I get?

If you qualify, here's what you could have access to:

   1) Access to New VIP Membership Site, includes 50+ Step by Step walk through, over the shoulder training Videos.

   2) Access to our 50+ proven Franchise Marketing Funnels and Ad Campaigns that you can just copy and paste and go.

   3) Access to our tried and true prospecting strategies that include 9 different way to get clients inked in a contract.

   4) Access to our VIP Support Group so you can mix and mingle with our 100s of others student and learn from them as well

   5) Access to our Partner Program so you can outsource all your Tech stuff so you don’t have to do the work, if you so choose,

   6) Direct access to myself via messenger, hit me up whenever, happy to help.

   7) And Finally access to our trained staff of marketing and sales experts that are standing by to answer any of your questions whoever you need help.

13) Is anyone getting results with this, or just you?

Scroll back up and watch the videos,

We’ve helped real people,

Make real financial transformations.

14) What's the investment to get started?

It isn’t cheap,

But you literally only need 1 or 2 clients for it to pay for itself,

Its priced accordingly,

You’ll probably run off and earn 6 figures a year,

Or more,

And We also need you to take action on it,

And work to become a case study,

So we can spread the word.

15) What do I need to get started?

Just a laptop and a mobile phone.

16) Ok I’m interested, how do I get started?

Click any of the buttons on this page,

And book a call with us.

17) Why do I need to book a call? Why can’t I just buy now?

We want this info in the right hands.

We only want people that can lock arms with us,

That take action,

That are serious,

That don’t complain,

And that want to build a real business.
Be Sure To Snag A Spot, Our Calendar Is Typically Packed With 100+ Appointments Per Day...
Let's say you do apply,

you fill out the form,

you select your time and date,

you put it on your calendar,

you come to the call,

you get to speak with us,

we answer all your questions,

We find out you are a good fit for this,

how committed are you to following through?

We are ready share the trade secrets,

To pull back the curtain,

and give you all that me and 1000+ other people successful in the online space,

I just need your word,

That when you book that call,

You come prepared,

You come ready,

You come with every intention on making a transformation,

Because my team and I,

We will hold you accountable,

Will make sure you are successful,

We will be ready with open arms,

If this is a good fit for you,

We want to invite you into our Family,

and help you get all you want in life,

Cause you deserve it,

and what's pretty cool about all this,

Nobody has as much fun as us :)